Semi-automatic rifles M2010

Semi-automatic rifles M2010

Semi-automatic sporting rifle M2010 was created by modification of military rifles. The fact that the basic weapon was produced in the quantity of several thousand units, that it is the official weapon of many armies in the world, speaks enough of advantages and justification of purchasing of sports hunting version.

Kalashnikov system, the most popular principle of functioning of semi-automatic and automatic weapons, is applied in Zastava’s semi-automatic sporting rifle M2010.

Semi-automatic sporting rifle M2010 is characterized by functionality in all environments.

Semi-automatic sporting rifle M2010 has a reliable and safe type of trigger mechanism.

Semi-automatic sporting rifle M2010 has a polymer stock, with good ergonomic solutions and it is well balanced, which results in mild recoil, small weight and great compactness.

Barrel was made by cold forging.

This weapon can fire single shots or fire in semi-automatic mode.

Safety automatic system of semi-automatic sporting rifle prevents firing before the bolt is locked.

M2010 is fed from a detachable polymer magazine.

Front and rear iron sights: rear – leaf adjustable; front – post – adjustable.

Semi-automatic sporting rifle M2010 has an optical sight base, and the set can contain optical sight mount and optical sight.

Caliber (mm) ,222 Rem.
.223 Rem.
.308 Win
.243 Rem.
Magazine capacity (rounds)1010
Barrel length (mm)460500
Total length (mm)10101030
Weight (kg)3.93.9

Description and handling

Description and handling

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