PBG 40x46mm

BGP 40x46 mm

BGP 40×46 mm is intended for annihilation of live forces, firearms, and unarmoured motor vehicles at the distances from 50 to 400 m by direct firing.
It is intended to be assembled to submodels BS of M21 group and M05 rifles.
Main features:
• Assembled to the Picatinny rail placed on the lower side of the handguard
• Barrel interior is chrome plated
• Breech loaded
• Trigger mechanism is Double Action
• BGP can operate independently from the automatic rifle and then it is deliveed with the stock, as an option when an order is placed.

Weight of weapon, without stock/ with stock(kg)1.6/2.4
Total length, without stock/ with stock (mm)315/655
Barrel length (mm)235
Type of fireJedinačno
Sight division for direct aiming (m)50-400

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